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                        Get real-time customer feedback

                        Omnichannel satisfaction surveys

                        Ask your customers the right question at the right time with branded one-click surveys. Customize your surveys and add additional questions.

                        Choose a survey distribution that fits your need. Collect feedback in every conversation, automatically after a case is resolved, or manually when you want to.

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                        Understand your customers

                        Analytics & Insights

                        Uncover insights about customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and more. Measure improvements and predict future trends with real-time CSAT, CES and NPS feedback.

                        Recognize support heroes with leaderboards and drill downs stats per team and agent. Stay on top of your customer experience with regular reports and notifications delivered directly to your inbox.

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                        Take action to improve

                        Close the feedback loop

                        Improve your customer experience based on customer feedback.

                        Monitor and manage negative ratings. Every dissatisfied customer is highlighted, so you can take proper action to recover potentially lost customers.

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                        Reward your agents

                        Rewards & Recognition

                        Motivate your agents to perform better. Use Nicereply data to calculate a motivational variable for your agents' salaries.

                        Our clients reported seeing increased conversion rates, more feedback and an overall better atmosphere in the team once implemented.

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                        Unleash the true power of Nicereply by cooperating with multitude of
                        systems and applications.

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