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                        5,000 to 500,000+

                        Flexible business loans
                        tailored for you

                        Our services are available to all UK limited companies and LLPs, with flexible terms that suit you

                        Borrow up to 500,000

                        Grow your SME business at your own pace

                        • Borrow 5,000 to 500,000 for up to 48 months
                        • Unsecured and secured borrowing options
                        • Receive funding in as little as 48 hours
                        • Industry-leading flexibility, including penalty-free early repayments, top-ups and repayment holidays
                        • Ongoing support from a dedicated relationship manager

                        Apply online

                        Borrow 500,000+

                        Higher-value finance for established companies

                        • High-value loans from 500,000 to 1,000,000+
                        • Bespoke funding options, tailored to the specific needs of your business
                        • Exclusive access to Fleximize's network of partners and investors, who are looking to fund businesses like yours
                        • Ongoing support and consultation from our senior management to help you achieve your funding goals

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                        Companies that may not fit the strict criteria applied by many banks could find more success here as Fleximize uses its own unique credit-scoring model

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                        Offering growing businesses the service traditionally reserved for the corporates

                        We're about empowering businesses

                        We created Fleximize because we think it's wrong that great businesses are held back by a lack of funding. Having worked with small businesses, we know that there is a better way to predict a company's growth and success than a computer-says-no algorithm.

                        We believe that by taking some time to listen and understand what businesses are about, we can provide financing tailored to suit all types of businesses, and we will choose to lend to many of them.

                        We're tech-focused but relationship-driven. This means a lightning-fast process from initial application to receiving your funds, plus a dedicated point of contact for you every step of the way.


                        "The people at Fleximize have dealt with our enquiries efficiently and with the minimum of fuss, they have been very helpful and their funding has proven to be invaluable to our business where other institutions were reluctant." John

                        The Trustscore for Fleximize is 4.8 / 5,
                        based on 100+ reviews

                        Discover choice. The smart way to borrow.

                        We're innovating UK finance by introducing the UK's first revenue-based finance product. You will receive an immediate capital lift in exchange for a small portion of future revenue at a fixed cost. No equity, just a percentage of your takings until your loan is repaid, allowing your business to grow organically.

                        At Fleximize, we strive to provide best-in-class service, flexibility and choice across all of our services. All of our business loan options offer truly flexible features that will continue to support business growth for as long as your business requires.

                        We offer top ups and repayment holidays, and there's absolutely no penalty for early repayment. In fact, if you repay early you'll only ever pay interest for the time you had the loan.

                        Every day we empower small businesses to grow by providing the finance they need to reach their potential. Start growing your business today with Fleximize.

                        Glasshouse Salon

                        This hair & beauty salon / ecommerce shop in Hackney was looking to secure larger premises.

                        Glasshouse Salon

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                        This provider of DJ services was able to fulfil a hospitality merchandising project with Club Wembley.

                        Spinback Productions

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                        This sports retail business improved its buying power and extended its product offering.

                        Montagne Sports

                        We've worked with over 3000 UK businesses

                        Fleximize is regularly featured in the press, including

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                        Follow our simple 3-step process for quick turnaround funding.

                        Apply online

                        Take a few minutes to apply and receive a decision in principle within 24 hours

                        Speak to a relationship manager

                        Your dedicated relationship manager will take you through a bespoke proposal customized to meet your needs

                        Receive funding

                        After signing your financing agreement, your funding will be sent within hours

                        Get started: Apply now

                        To give you an idea of the APR on a Fleximize loan of 25,000 or below, heres a representative example: 42.2% APR representative, based on a fixed annual rate of interest of 35.8% and an assumed loan amount of 12,500 over 15 months. This equates to monthly repayments of 1,045.63 and a total repayable of 15,684.45.

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