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                        If you use Google Chrome for work or research you may want to save open sites for future reference. Heres how to save open tabs in Chrome on all systems.

                        6 January 2020


                        Our Chromebook keyboard shortcut cheat sheet showcasing nine nifty key combos for Chromebooks that might save you time or help to speed up your workflow.

                        11 November 2019

                        Pixelbook Go Will Come with ‘Exclusive’ Wallpapers, Code Suggests

                        Anyone itching to get their hands on the rumoured Google Pixelbook Go may find their device comes with a set of exclusive wallpapers. Code spotted by Dinsan over at ChromeStory suggests that the search giant […]

                        10 October 2019

                        HP’s New Business Chromebooks Have Impressive Specs, So-So Designs

                        HP has taken the shrink-wrap off a pair of new Chromebooks and a new Chromebox aimed at business users. In this post we share specs and pricing.

                        10 October 2019

                        How to Adjust Backlit Keyboard Brightness on a Chromebook

                        This simple keyboard shortcut lets you quickly adjust a backlit Chromebook keyboard to suit you needs. Make the backlit keyboard brighter or dimmer.

                        9 October 2019

                        Samsung’s New Budget Chromebook Boasts Super Slim Bezels

                        Samsung Chromebook 4 and the Samsung Chromebook 4+ are the latest budget Chromebooks from Samsung and feature slim bezels and up to 6GB RAM.

                        8 October 2019

                        Google Chrome 77 Adds an Insanely Useful New Feature

                        Google Chrome makes it easier to send Chrome tabs to your phone and vice versa with a new "Send to Your Devices" tab context menu in Chrome 77.

                        11 September 2019

                        FCC Website Reveals All-New ASUS Chromebook Flip C433

                        The ASUS Chromebook Flip 433 is a new Chromebook on the way from ASUS, and in this post we take a look at its specs, price and availability.

                        8 September 2019

                        First Look: 4 New Acer Chromebooks Unveiled at IFA, Including 11-inch Spin Model

                        A crop of new Chromebooks have been unveiled by Acer at IFA 2019, including the Chromebook 314 & 315 and the Acer Chromebook Spin 311.

                        4 September 2019
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