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                        FIA Formula E Opportunities

                        As we were touring the PITS for the NYC race earlier in July, it struck me how many team members it takes to keep these teams and cars in motion. And Formula E is growing... quickly. All this adds up to opportunity in FIA Formula E careers.

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                        Entry Level Motorsports Jobs

                        One common belief is that to initiate a career in the motorsports industry, you need to have a keen interest in auto racing from an early age and the proper understanding of the equipment used in the different areas that comprise the motorsports industry.

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                        Do You Want a Career in the Motorsports Industry?

                        Yes? You sure? Because, a career in motorsports can be difficult But. motorsports IS one of the most exciting and fascinating fields to make into a career. And there are hundreds of career opportunities within motorsports encompassing constant breakthroughs in technology such as autonomous, electric, hybrid technology, and more.

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                        Welcome! Our goal is to enable valuable communication between Motorsports enthusiasts all over the world to share best practices that help everyone move faster towards attaining their own unique Motorsports career goals.  

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                        Motorsports Careers

                        The various careers possible and the requirements to get into them

                        New Technologies

                        The latest in autonomous and electric vehicle technology

                        Motorsports Jobs

                        Discussions on the jobs within Motorsports and how to
                        get them

                        Recruiting Tips

                        Discuss experiences with Motorsports Recruiters from around the world

                        Motorsports Education

                        Where and how to get the best education in Motorsports

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