1. Lakin Tire

                        Your Source For Safer, Smarter Removal and
                        Recycling of your Scrap Tires - Nationwide

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                        At Lakin Tire we are relentlessly focused on our customers. Customer service is in our DNA and our customers are at the heart of everything we do. From large, national retail chains to small, local tire shops, we create tire collection and recycling programs that simply work better.

                        About Lakin Tire

                        Nationwide and Local Scrap Tire Collection Services

                        Regardless of your company's size or location, Lakin Tire can create a custom scrap tire collection program that meets your needs and helps protect the environment.

                        Schedule First Pickup

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                        Years of perseverance and knowledge have helped Lakin Tire streamline our process to better serve the needs of our customers, clients and society at large.

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                        Lakin Tire is giving new life to old, unusable tires through creative thinking, innovative recycling processes and optimized scrap-tire management.

                        Start Recycling

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                        Contact Lakin Tire and Learn More About Us and Our Process
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